Mårten Bokedal

For the past ten years, Mårten has been focusing on marketing technology platforms focusing on creating a better digital customer experience.

As a Director of Product Strategy, he is guiding companies and marketing teams to help them become more customer-centric by focusing on content, data, experiments, and personalization.

Omschrijving van de presentatie

How to build an award-winning commerce solution through innovation and differentiation?

Cross-border expansion with your brand requires you to be more adaptive to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Where should you put your focus, and how can you predict customer behavior in all your digital and physical channels? Once you have established your brand, how are you staying relevant to the new customer demands of tomorrow?

In this session, we will be providing fresh consumer trends data and actionable tips from leaders in modern commerce.

  • Benchmark data based on 150 e-commerce stores and 1. 5 billion shopping sessions.
  • Consumer trends from a survey of 5000 respondents
  • Key learnings and tips from leaders in modern commerce

5 vragen aan

Mårten Bokedal

1. What are the main benefits your customers see in cross-border commerce?

Except quite obvious advantages like getting direct access to new customers, more revenue and more brand visibility, they increase demand for their products all year around, especially for companies selling products that are more sensitive for seasonality. 

2. What are the current concerns / challenges your customers see in relation to cross-border e-commerce?

Selling cross-border is handling multi-currency, localization in languages and cultural differences, different preferred payment methods and dealing with taxes and shipping.

3. You have hundreds of customers that are selling cross-border. What are the top tips you see from them?

Proper analysis of the market in combination with an experimentation mindset. Testing different approaches and creating a data-driven experimental culture to unlock new paths to success.

4. Which other company do you admire in the field of cross-border e-commerce?

There are a lot of great companies out there. One company that we work with that I am impressed about is Booking.com. Even though they are not shipping products cross-border, they are very data-driven in their approach making sure to deliver an optimized experience for each country and region.

5. With what key message will the audience of your speaker session go home?
Paying in a method you prefer, in your own currency, getting your products delivered in a timely manner is now commodity and expected by consumers. In our session we will go through some key points of how to adapt to a new culture and test and experiment to gradually create a better cross-border commerce experience.