Koen van Lysebetten

Koen Van Lysebetten is a serial entrepreneur with strong technical skills in UX/UI combined with a mindset on building a growth culture. He has been working with internet startups & e-commerce companies over the last decade.

Anyone can get lucky and launch a successful experiment. Yet, very few can consistently create sustainable growth. With my new role as Head of Growth at Gimber and member of the GIMBER-Family, I will focus on building a growth strategy that will power long term growth.

Omschrijving van de presentatie

Optimalisatie van je logistiek en retouren management voor Europa en Amazon

First off, we’ll discuss which types of businesses are most likely to be successful on Amazon, let’s first review a few fundamentals about the Amazon marketplace to help you determine product  Secondly, I’ll share some key reasons on why your brand should begin selling on Amazon, even if you’re not over the moon about it.fit.

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